Some Suggestions, Some Problems...


23-01-2009 13:48:53


I am working on a scenebuilder application and want to share the problems i met with, also some of my thoughts;

- The Directory structure of the code needs some tidying up, it becomes harder to include it in another project (Hydrax/src/Hydrax/ ???, also cpp files are mixed with include files...A seperate include directory along with a libs directory would make it easier to add it to other projects)

- using Hydrax as both namespace and class name causes ambiguousness problems in Visual Studio 2008 when
using namespace Hydrax; is used, seperation of namespace name and class name would cause less problems...

- Static resource group "Hydrax" makes it harder for developers of editors to integrate it with user defined resource groups. the default resource group name could be saved as a variable and changed while initializing Hydrax...

- I have a wrapper class for Hydrax in my editor project, currently it uses the same code in the demo to initialise and everything works fine, but for example when the user wants to terminate the scene and load another, i need to terminate hydrax too, on the destructor of my wrapper i use:

delete mHydrax;

it executes fine, and a fraction of second later: An exception occurs in Ogre:Compositor..... What am I doing wrong? What is the proper way to destroy hydrax? (currently I commented out the destructor, but of course causes memory leaks)

Sorry if my suggestions sounds rude, I do not mean to. I just wanted you to think it from a developers perspective. And thank you very much for your efforts on the Plugin, its awesome and helps me spend more time on my editor then to code another water renderer...



23-01-2009 22:13:06

The destroying problem is solved, when viewports are destroyed before hydrax does, it causes the problem, changed destroy order and works fine.

But still, the other 2 topics i mentioned remains:

1 - if the water waves cross camera position while they are animating, everything becomes water's colour (skybox disappears)

2 - When you resize screen, you lose hydrax (disappears) till camera moves (rotation doesnt solve, need position change)

Both problems arise in your own Hydrax Editor too, so i dont think its implementation specific....