Depth Problem (or Suggestion)


08-02-2009 21:22:23

The Depth Limit is a very nice option to have, it simulates deep waters but there is a little problem:
It should be based on the thickness of the water volume BELOW camera, but when the camera is in the water, close to bottom of water volume, you still cant see the ground as if there is still a thick water below the camera, but there is not. Sorry about my English am not a native speaker, I hope you understand what i mean:
it should be:
if ((Camera.y - Ground.y) < (Water->Position->y - Depth->Limit)) UseDepthTechnique()

but currently it is:
if (Ground.y < (Water->Position->y - Depth->Limit)) UseDepthTechnique()

which is not realistic when you dive in water :)



08-02-2009 21:31:18

For future 0.6v(After next release...), I've planed to implement the crysis approach for underwater depth calculations :) (Something like fog, but applied for depth)