Hydrax v0.4 Download


17-02-2009 11:55:23

Love your work and looking forward to the updates.

I have just downloaded the rar file for the source and I was wondering if it was just me... or is vcproj file messed up for inculded files?
And is it just me or is the includes dir empty?

I have double and triple checked the file I have downloaded... Each time, the includes directory is empty ;o

Is there an SVN for Hydrax?



17-02-2009 11:57:38

Hi Sovaka,
Actually Hydrax headers are mixed with .cpp files in src/Hydrax/*, I'll change this code structure as soon as I can.
About the vcproj file, the same reason: headers are in src/...



17-02-2009 12:16:50

Thanks for the quick reply :)

I knew of the location of the header files in the src dir etc.
Removed the old structure in the vcproj file.

I also needed to change your file pointers to as it doesn't use the ole %Ogre_Home define