Debug Mode Performance


18-02-2009 22:10:06

This night I managed to include this project in mine and play with it in a little test environment I'm using to test some graphic configurations.

That lib + editor is really awesome! Really easy to use.

My only concern is about Debug mode that seem to be very very very slow (about 5 fps, but I don't have exact stats) with good hardware (Geforce 8800GT, Intel Core2 4300, 3.25 GigaRam, WinXP 32bit).
It don't seem to be screen-resolution dependent. I tweaked hydrax (0.4) config file parameters and it seems that complexity (in ProjectedGridVertex module) plays a big role in the rendering speed. I set it to 64 currently but it's still too slow.

With the same config in Release mode, there don't seem to be any big impact on framerate (but again, I don't have exact stats here).
In Debug mode with Hydrax not instantiated, I have good framerate (it's "fluid").

My questions :

1) Is it "normal" that using Hydrax in Debug mode totally kill rendering speed?
2) Is there somewhere some informations about witch features are the most costly on rendering?


18-02-2009 22:29:37

Hydrax in debug mode must be very slow, there's no solution(At the end, Hydrax only uses Ogre features, so it's not a Hydrax-problem, just that Ogre un debug mode is... for debuggind and the Hydrax complexity leads to very slow framerate in debug mode). The only way to use it "fluid" in debug mode I think is setting a very little mesh complexity(16-32) and disabling all hydrax components. You can writte two .hdx config files, one for release mode and another one for debug mode.



19-02-2009 00:01:26

Yes I was thinking doing something like this.
As it's not a very important feature for my project, it's not really a problem to remove Hydrax display from debug mode.

I thought about the Hydrax complexity using Ogre, but I find it strange that the performances are so bad! I have almost nothing going on the scene but it's still very slow (read : not usable at all!)

I was thinking maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I really need to sleep now but will provide some informations tomorrow about my current test configuration, see if some better debug performances can be reached in my (simple) case.

edit> What do you mean exactly by "disabling all Hydrax components" ? I didn't see component on/off parameters...
As my camera will never go under water I tried to set the god rays to 0 but it crashed when trying to go under water... (for tests, i need to be contradictory).


19-02-2009 08:59:38

put a button/accelerator key in your project, when pressed it toggles hydrax on/off by mHydrax->remove() / mHydrax->create() so you can toggle it on / off in debug mode, thats what i made in Ogitor.... Hydrax renders the same scene 2x to 3x times for different components to work, and ogre runs very slow in debug mode, so ability toggle hydrax on /off in your project should do the trick...



19-02-2009 22:15:39

I'll do that, thanks.

On a related topic, it seems that there is a bug : when loading a file setting a different complexity value than in what is set at the creation of the module, it don't display the water at all... (without apparent error/exception)...