2 problems, one screenshot


11-03-2009 14:28:36

First problem are the reflections. I think they should be rotated by 180* and better visible from a higher point of view.

Secend is the grass (upper picture). I've added the grass material to hydrax depth technique

->createTechnique(), "grass.png", "a");

but it still has, a hmmm, lets say "glow".

PS don't worry about terrain fading. The terrain plane is just above the water ;P


11-03-2009 15:35:57

I have a similar problem in that my reflections dont look quite right, especially from a higher point of view.

I know Xavi fixed a problem in 0.4 where if you had a camera attached to a SceneNode it would not calculate the Y distance properly, and it does look a lot better with Hydrax 0.5, but it still does not seem quite correct.



11-03-2009 15:53:27

My camera isn't attached to anything.


11-03-2009 21:14:49

I may be wrong but I had a reflection problem and its solved by setting a low Planes Error value...

Hope it helps,

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11-03-2009 21:42:31

You're wrong ;-) Fixed it bymHydrax->getRttManager()->setReflectionDisplacementError(1.8); Anyway thx for the answer.
I still would like to set it displaced, so the player could see his own reflection when watching from above.

About the glowing grass I think it's the fact that the first grass technique is being displaced (wind in the grass), and the second (hydrax depth) is not.


11-03-2009 23:57:44

About the grass error, yes.. it's because this.
Solve this problem requires little changes in your grass material and maybe in Hydrax::MaterialManager, if you really need to get them working as expected with Hydrax I could suggest you some ideas or maybe doing a little wiki article about how to use custom vertex shaders in Hydrax depth techniques!



12-03-2009 09:48:59

Actually I don't think i will need grass so close to water in a real scene. There will be sand, but maybe the wiki would be great for trees with wind.


12-03-2009 16:13:05


Fixed my reflection problem by changing the planesError to a smaller number, thanks stealth977!


Would it be worth creating an FAQ at the top of the forum with the most common problems poeple have??
eg, reflection not looking right, fog, shadows, Caelum....