Underwater reflection bug in latest Ogre Trunk


24-04-2009 23:54:04

Hi everyone,

I compiled Hydrax (with some modifications in the source code) well with latest Ogre SVN trunk. But I have problems with underwater rendering, looks like Hydrax doesn't know that camera is underwater.

Here's a 3-image gallery :

Water reflections looks okay (even if I find them a bit strange...), and underwater refraction doesn't work at all. As I said before, it's like Hydrax doesn't detect that camera is underwater.
Hydrax is initialized with HYDRAX_COMPENENTS_ALL.

What's wrong?
Thanks by advance


25-04-2009 00:01:35

I found myself an answer : HYDRAX_COMPONENTS_ALL doesn't enable UNDERWATER related things. Is this a bug ?


03-05-2009 10:01:17

Lol i get the feeling hydrax is dying, as xavi has not replied to any posts for over a month now, Yet he/she's posting on the styx post all the time.