Caelum Moon Light problem.


18-05-2009 06:20:49

Hello , Caelum is an excellent plug in , thanx for sharing this wonderful add on. But i have one problem related to this, when night comes in the Caelum and the moon is the full moon according to the day and time, it cannot lit the terrain, As normally the full moon also gives some light in the dark so we can see many different things but it cannot lit my terrain, kindly tell me how i lit my terrain if my moon is full and near to full. I m new in Ogre so help me plz asap. Thanx in Advance.


19-05-2009 12:24:36

No one wants to answer but at least give me some suggestions.


19-05-2009 23:15:00

The moon already has an attached light; it's just very faint by default. You can make it brigher using something like:

mCaelumSystem->getMoon()->setDiffuseMultiplier(Ogre::ColourValue(5, 5, 5));
mCaelumSystem->getMoon()->setSpecularMultiplier(Ogre::ColourValue(5, 5, 5));

Those values are probably too high; you can tweak them for your particular use.

The "base moon light colour" before those multipliers does NOT take into account the phase; only the height of the moon from the horizon. But if what you want is to make the night "less dark" then the above should be OK. You might want to add more ambient lighting as well. There are also (non-pretty) ways to override those calculations and set your own colour.

Also: I should post more often. Sorry about that :)


20-05-2009 04:29:36

Thankyou so much cdleonard for ur kind reply, i will try these things and let u know. As night is too dark and if the moon is full then it must shows some light but right now its not, i will check ur lines of code and then let u know.

Once again thankyou so much.


20-05-2009 10:27:27

thanx cdleonard , i solved it, now i have moon light.