Caelum 0.4 fps impact !


02-06-2009 14:48:06

Caelum 0.4 have very fps impact, specially in day times, the impact is random on time. the fps impact is about ~150 FPS and slow down my scene FPS from ~178 to near ~24 !!!
Other people(Vectrex) also was mentioned to it.


02-06-2009 21:32:09

I'm sorry Caelum is slow for you. How does the demo run?


03-06-2009 07:09:59

I'm sorry Caelum is slow for you. How does the demo run?
About ~1-2 days.
in night, FPS is ok all time, but in day the FPS take down randomize.
Thank you for your attention. :)


04-06-2009 16:59:07

actually, I don't have that slowdown. I mentioned in another thread that setting a large enough farclip for the plane clouds caused slowdown. That's why I hacked dome clouds back in my version :)

Try running in fullscreen without through VS and see if it does it. I know I get totally erratic fps in windowed mode


05-06-2009 14:39:04

Caelum uses and activates/deactivates 2 lights (sun / moon). If you have many per light iterations (for shadow casting ? for shaders ?), then at the time when there is both: the sun and the moon visible, you have twice that much shader / rendering iterations. Maybe that is your case ?


05-06-2009 17:18:52

You can tell it to only ever use the brightest light.


06-06-2009 16:34:06

Thank you for your replys and information.