Sky colour problem


18-06-2009 14:15:42

I have just tried to integrate Caelum into my application and although the lighting appears to work the sky is always a fixed colour, that of the viewport background. Has anyone come across this before?



26-06-2009 03:48:55

I've also integrated caelum recently for the first time, that happened only when I didn't start any component in Caelum, or disable it with a world skybox or something. Double check if you have a skybox or map being rendered in front of caelum... and check if you started Caelum correctly, i recomend loading it from script (a simple one such as the plain sky and sun/moon, a pretty one is BigPuffyStars and it derives from the Base on so it has many features).

You of course know the code (its in all exmples), and its as following for CaelumSharp (i use the .NET port no the C++ original.. 8) ):
cs = new CaelumSharp.CaelumSystem(root, sceneMgr, CaelumSystem.CaelumComponent.None);
CaelumScript.Singleton.LoadCaelumSystemFromScript(cs, "RainWindScriptTest");

Pleas confirm if what you see is like this:

Because, that's what I had when the viewport colour was rendered and not Caelum, because I didn't start Caelum correctly, the correct this is of course something like this:

Hope it helps, if you can provide more info on the problem. But it seams to be simple (something is being rendered on top or caelum is not correctly setup).
Best of luck!


26-06-2009 13:56:07

I figured out that I has missed the registering of the render window listener, duh!

Thanks for the help...M


26-06-2009 19:33:44

Its usually the simple stuff 8) . I'm completly stuck with the precipitation controller (it disables me from moving the camera as usual in the demo) and cannot get it to work.