DSM and Caelum


25-06-2009 12:14:17

Im using DSM(Depth Shadow Mapping) in my scene.
After creating an instance of Caelum, depth of the scene shadow go wrong in sometimes.
Its not important that the instance use Caelum components or no, If i add the instance(even empty) my shadow depth will damage.
Before adding the instance i was used directional light instead of Caelum and scene work fine.
I want know which part of shadow relative properties of Ogre maybe change Caelum? with creating an instance of Caelum that i undo it?
I very tried to solve the problem, but im not succes, Any hints can please me.
Thank you for your attention.


25-06-2009 16:19:35

I think that has something to do with using the farclip setting from ogre. Caelum 0.4 sets the farclip very far away. Either set it closer or change you shader/material to send your own far distance instead of ogre. I've never had this yet, but it rings a bell :)