Loading state from scenes


26-06-2009 14:03:54

I have implemented Caelum in my system but I can't seem to get the Caelum settings to load from scripts.

I don't use a resources.cfg file but manually specify the resource folders. I have created a folder containing all the details from the Caelum/main/resources folder and adding them as a resource group...

Ogre::ResourceGroupManager::getSingleton().addResourceLocation("./media/caelum/resources", "FileSystem", "Caelum");

I initialise Caelum like this...
mCaelumSystem = new Caelum::CaelumSystem (mOgreRoot, mSceneManager, Caelum::CaelumSystem::CAELUM_COMPONENTS_DEFAULT);

but when I call Caelum::CaelumPlugin::getSingleton().loadCaelumSystemFromScript(mCaelumSystem, "DefaultSky"); I get an exception thrown. However, if I catch the exception and continue (or don't try the call) the system will start Caelum and all is apparently well.