Caelum 0.5


09-08-2009 09:15:11

Caelum trunk has been stable for a long time (no big changes in weeks) so I took the opportunity create a new release; version "0.5". It contains mostly bug fixes and performance enhancements compared to the previous release (you can check the svn log if you want to see more details). This was released so that "trunk" will no longer be the recommended version. If you use 0.4 or trunk this should work with very few changes on your part.

This release works with Ogre 1.4, 1.6 and trunk (and will probably work with 1.7) on Windows and Linux. There's a with the source and documentation on SourceForge. There are no obvious open bugs.

I am no longer using or trying to improve Caelum. Unless somebody else steps up this will be the last version. If you're interested you can try to contact me or Kencho for svn access. However I encourage you to look at newer more active alternatives like SkyX or myrddin.