One material not taken by caelum?


08-02-2010 10:22:55

Hi I'm a noob in ogre and i have a problem using caelum + ogreterrain class from ogre componements.
The problem appears at night but the screenshot will talk for me :D .

I think that caelum doesn't take the 2nd quality material from terrain but i dont know how to add this manually.


08-02-2010 12:36:22

Does your terrain appear more correct if you remove Caelum? Are you able to run the demo application that comes with Caelum? Are you getting any errors reported in the ogre log?

Caelum should be independent of the terrain. The only indirect impact that I'm aware of is that Caelum adjusts the ambient light (color/intensity and orientation) for the day/night cycle.



08-02-2010 13:45:31

Yes my terrain works well without caelum, the darkened part of the terrain is in hight level quality and the rest looks like in the screenshot.
In fact, only the hight quality material is updated. This is my real problem.
Maybe a way is to update ambiant color using caelum global color but i dont know how to get it...
thank you.