caelum + oFusion


17-06-2010 05:58:59

Hi everyone, i'm start using caelum, seems to be a really impressive plugin, but i have a weird problem, i have a scene loaded with the oFusion loader and looks fine, it has textures and all, but when i add caelum, the meshes are texture-less, like if the path to the materials aren't set int he resource.cfg file, but when i comment the lines that implement caelum in my app.. the meshes looks textured again like normal... so i tried loading the meshes in the caelum demo, but the same situation presents.. any thoughts?.. here is a screenshot


17-06-2010 10:52:11

It could be the fog. Are you tested it without fog? caelum->setManageSceneFog(false)


17-06-2010 14:46:18

you were absolutelly right, thank you so much CorPetit..