More woes with Hydrax and Caelum


13-12-2010 18:26:28

I'm having trouble to integrate Hydrax and Caelum. I've read earlier posts about this, but I still can't solve them.

First, the moon is seen though it's underwater:


Second, there's a "second sea" at the horizon. This does not seem to happen without Caelum. I thought it'd be some sort of z-far LODing, but changing Hydrax' mesh size parameters does not seem to have any effects... Notice that the reflection is present, but the "horizon" is at the meeting of the two seas (there's a white line between them, by the way).


I've tried to add the they HydraxDepth technique to the Caelum material files and I added that call to setDisableReflectionCustomNearCliplPlaneRenderQueues(), as explained in previous posts, but they didn't work. Any tips? Thanks!