difference betweek skyx and caelum


20-12-2010 10:49:31

hi caelum staff :)

can i know what are the difference between the 2 packet? skyx is child of caelum(that is on old version of ogre)?

p.s. if needed i set caelum on new version of cegui and ogre



20-12-2010 12:46:09

Caelum and SkyX are made by two different developers.

Please post the CEGUI and Ogre patch :)

- Fish


12-06-2011 14:52:32

The difference is Caelum use Cg Shaders (so it can't run on ATI Cards) and SkyX use HLSL Shaders (so it can't run in Linux, MacOS, Android). Both are unperspective at current state to use in real projects.


13-06-2011 02:17:41

That actually isn't true. The part about Cg. I don't know the actual differences between the two, aside from the fact that SkyX is going along side Hydrax in the Paradise engine.

Anyway, you can use Cg scripts on ATI cards, it's vendor agnostic. It was however developed by nVidia, and you will get better performance there, but it's not exclusive. HLSL is DirectX specific, and GLSL is OpenGL specific(again, not based on vendor). Furthermore Ogre provides a framework for you to have it choose between two scripts based on platforms, they are .program files. I'm not sure how and if they tie into these addon's, but the functionality is there to use.