25-03-2011 10:53:50

i would like to collect common questions and answers around caelum here to help getting new users starting easier:

Q: I am using the new Ogre Terrain and i have fog problems (white/grey areas)?
A: make sure that:
1) you are creating caelum with the correct fog settings before creating/loading any terrain
2) you use linear fog mode with the new terrain:

Real farclip = mCamera->getFarClipDistance();
mCaelumSystem->setManageSceneFogStart(farclip * 0.7f);
mCaelumSystem->setManageSceneFogEnd(farclip * 0.9f);

Q: I manage fog on my own, but somehow caelum replaces my settings?
A: Caelum's default is to manage fog by itself. If you use setManageSceneFog(...) then the fog mode is set instantaneously to prevent race conditions.
If you want to disable all shadow handling in Caelum without having it change anything on your fog setting use the disableFogMangement() function

Q: i have strange artifacts in rendered textures or textures generated using different cameras
A: you probably have forgotten to call notifyCameraChanged(). Read more there: http://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/Caelum#U ... elumSystem

if you have more questions please reply :)