Compiling error using Caelum 0.6


01-06-2011 10:17:51

I am trying to update my project from Caelum 0.5 to 0.6.
But when I do this, I received following compiling error:

1>hlcaelummanager.cpp(135) : error C2039: 'getSunPosition' : is not a member of 'Caelum::BaseSkyLight'
1>skylight.h(31) : see declaration of 'Caelum::BaseSkyLight'
1>hlcaelummanager.cpp(141) : error C2039: 'getSunPosition' : is not a member of 'Caelum::Moon'

Here is my code:
Vector3 HLCaelumManager::getMoonPosition(){
return cmCaelumSystem->getMoon()->getSunPosition();

Vector3 HLCaelumManager::getSunPosition(){
return cmCaelumSystem->getSun()->getSunPosition();

I looking for the codes, but I can not find the function where I can get SunPosition in Caelum 0.6.
Should I calculate it by myself?

Any answers will be appreciated.
Thanks for your attention!


06-06-2011 20:14:34

I think it's related to a problem I ever had a long time ago:

Those two functions have certainly been removed for an unknow reason...