Caelum work but there is probleme with mesh


18-12-2011 14:48:40


i'm new in Caelum, this work fine but I have a problem with all my meshes.

with Caelum
no problem with terrain, but meshes seem to be to much illuminated.

Here my character is grey

without Caelum

my code:

Caelum::CaelumSystem *mCaelumSystem = new Caelum::CaelumSystem (Ogre::Root::getSingletonPtr(), pSceneMgr,Caelum::CaelumSystem::CAELUM_COMPONENTS_DEFAULT );

mCaelumSystem->getUniversalClock ()->setTimeScale (3000);

Ogre::Root::getSingletonPtr()->addFrameListener (mCaelumSystem);
mCaelumSystem->notifyCameraChanged (this->mCamera);

there is a method to solve this ?

PS: Sorry for my english