I get a black sky with clouds, instead of a nice blue one


18-12-2011 17:48:27

Before anything, hi guys, this is my first post in here.

Here's the thing: I'm new with Caelum (and Ogre), in fact, I had serious trouble yesterday to build it a make it run in Visual Studio 2010. But, hopefully, that seems long ago and I'm starting to work.

I'm using the TutorialFramework and the OgreMax stuff to load a .scene of a building and it loads perfectly and I can move through it. So, after loading the scene and getting the scene manager I do like this:

mCaelumSystem = new Caelum::CaelumSystem(mRoot, mSceneMgr, Caelum::CaelumSystem::CAELUM_COMPONENTS_DEFAULT);

And what I get is some clouds in a BLACK sky. I wanna make it look nice and blue and put also a sun, but every time I create a sun and I add it, it doesn't appear, or even the clouds get erased! And I have no clue of how to make the sky look normal. In fact, I thought that using CAELUM_COMPONENTS_DEFAULT the sun and the sky should appear normal.

Can anybody help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks and greetings.