[SOLVED] Caelum Can't find Material?


10-01-2012 17:17:42

I am trying to get Caelum work for about a week now and I keep getting errors or sometimes the sky doesnt show up.

Well I have setup Caelum in code and have setup the resource path in resources_d.cfg and it fired up few errors.
CaelumSkyDomeMaterial and all the other materials are pretty much there in the resource path.

Why cant it still be found.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.


29-01-2012 11:47:17

Well I found the solution.

Thanks guys. Caelum is awesome. :D


06-03-2012 19:25:06

And the solution was............?

It would be nice if you would post the solution and mark the thread as "resolved". Then others who have the same problem can profit from what you learned.


07-03-2012 06:04:04

Well I guess Caleum was not able to find the resources.
I added


to my Resources_d.cfg

And checked if all the caelum files were in a folder called resources in media.
That's it and the problem was resolved.


07-03-2012 06:15:54

Well I mostly post the solution if I find it, but I was breaking my head on setting up Caelum for almost a week so was very excited when I got it working and guess I forgot to post. :mrgreen: