Incompatibility to Ogre-1.8.0


11-07-2012 16:11:20


I recently tried to compile caelum 0.6.1 against Ogre 1.8.0 and found out that there is a incompatibility in the singleton implementation. According to viewtopic.php?f=10&t=15023 there was a name change from ms_Singleton to msSingleton in the last Ogre version. No further problem for my purpose to patch that, but it breaks compatibly to old Ogre versions. Thats exactly the problem I have with the gentoo ebuild, which I have submitted to the gentoo bug tracker: There I was asked to report it to upstream, in order to solve this issue correctly ( )

My question is now: How to patch/proceed correctly here in order to make caelum compatible for new and old Ogre versions?

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18-07-2012 22:50:40

It is already fixed upstream (from january 2012). Just use the latest hg source. It's the commit right after it went to version 1.6.1 (which is also the last commit to happen on it) and there was no new package released (or version bump) after that, though.
Oh, and it uses preprocessor definitions that make it compile both with Ogre 1.7 and 1.8 (it probably also still works on 1.6).

The demos do not compile on 1.8 because they use TSM (terrain scene manager), which is obsoleted in 1.8. I managed to make them work again by removing the terrain initialization code and setWorldGeometry calls, and swapping it with the new terrain component. If you're using a more recent CEGUI you will also need to do a few changes there, as the API has changed.