Caelum and Hydrax


30-10-2008 16:04:08

as you may have noticed, there were (are) a few issues when using Caelum in Hydrax together. The most problems are solved, but there's still a problem concerning underwater rendering:
Xavyiy said that it isn't a hydrax problem but a Caelum problem:
Okey, I know what's happening.
The fact is that Caelums components aren't clipped by the custom near clip plane(Only when camera reflection isn't actived, so... it must be an Ogre bug.., I will post it in Developer ogre forum tonight.), but Ogre should be care of this.. so Or it's an Ogre's bug, or Caelum components have some option for not be clippling.
Can you post a post explaining the problem in Caelum's thread?


What's your opinion about this?


01-11-2008 17:41:09

I responded in the hydrax forum; in this topic.