Depth fighting problem!


05-11-2008 11:44:04

First i must say Thank for Caelum , its Excellent !
Im using Ogre Source 1.6 final+Caelum-0.3.0
Caelum Demo(without any change here) have Depth Fighting problem when i run it in DirectX mode, i mean that terrain surface have Depth Fighting problem with a black plane! i don't know what is it.
In OpenGL i have't the problem.

My system configuration :
CPU:Intel Quad-Core QR6800
GPU:NVidia 8800 GTX
OS:Vista X64
Note: I have last version of NVidia driver for my graphic cards.

Thanks for any help


05-11-2008 13:54:01

The issue was due to demo materials mixing fixed function and shader passes. It no longer happens in trunk (it was fixed a long time ago).