Caelum 0.4


19-01-2009 06:39:16

I decided to take the current version of trunk and call it Caelum-0.4. I made a new branch in svn for it; only small non-breaking fixes will go in there from now. If you're using 0.3 you should probably upgrade.

So what's different from 0.4?
- Precipitation compositor (non-particle-based).
- Multiple cloud layers with their own settings (based on 0.3 clouds).
- "Depth compositor" which fogs the scene based on rendering depth to texture.
- Lots of bugfixes and improvements in configurability.
- Scripting support (loading settings from *.os files).

There are a lot of compile-breaking changes but most should be easy to fix. There are up-to-date integration instructions in the wiki. If it helps you can compare documentation for versions 0.3 and 0.4. If you get in trouble please post in here.

If you're currently doing lots of manual tweaking for Caelum you might want to switch to loading from scripts instead. It's a more flexible way to set most properties.

Known issues; not covered in 0.4:
- Very poor support for lower (<3.0) shader profiles.
- DepthComposer is not very mature.
- A lot of the "magic updates" inside CaelumSystem can't be disabled/are not configurable.


19-01-2009 09:55:29

Congratulations! :D

I´m going to upgrade our project as fast as possible!


19-01-2009 23:50:24

Very cool - I am definitely updating! :)


27-01-2009 13:01:00

No caelum.lib and caelum_d.lib files...


27-01-2009 13:22:04

If you got it from SVN you have to compile it first...


27-01-2009 16:44:42

No caelum.lib and caelum_d.lib files...
It's a source-only release.

Any binary release would depend on a certain version of Ogre and the C++ compiler/libraries. Making a binary release only for a certain version (let's say Ogre-1.6.0-VC90) wouldn't really help and creating multiple packages is too much effort.

You should be able to unpack the source release and compile it against your version of the ogre sdk. By default it should "just work" on F5.


27-01-2009 17:20:22

Error when compiling Caelum - cannot open input file 'OgreMain.lib'. There r no OgreMain.lib in OgreSDK folder, may be because i'm using ogre for code::blocks? (i don't like all microsoft products)


02-02-2009 03:22:32


I tested Caelum today and it worked fine for what it had to do.
Nevertheless, I ran into a small problem : Ogre base mesh (like the ninja in tutos) dont have any texture when caelum is on (when i disabeld it the texture came back) and i can't figure why ??

I'm a newbie in using Ogre so please don't judge me if i'm asking a stupid question :oops:

Thanks in advance.


02-02-2009 08:53:32

Maybe this is related to your fog settings. In some circumstances every object (besides the sky) looks white because of very dense fog. Just a thought...



02-02-2009 11:38:02

it can't be ... i try to add the ninja to the caelum demo and he was gray whaeras the terrain was textured.


02-02-2009 14:38:29

Please try this, just to make sure:
mCaelumSystem->setSceneFogDensityMultiplier (0.000005);


04-02-2009 10:17:50

Indeed, it's working much better like that.

thanks a lot for your help.


04-02-2009 10:49:41

You don't have to set it to a very low value; you can disable it entirely by setManageSceneFog(false). It's enabled by default because it's always been enabled by default.


04-02-2009 23:15:22

I don't want to use fog so it's probably better to disable it.

thanks cdleonard