Caleum and latest Ogre svn


10-02-2009 16:01:06

I did change a lot of stuff in my project/setup lately so please take this with a grain of salt... :)

I have problems with latest caleum and ogre svn. In CaleumLab for example the houses are much too big, the skyplane is not shown (but the stars and black bg is), the sun is shown (with a circle of sky around it) and sometimes everything clips dark.
In my project there is only one sky plane now (I added tree) and always at the height of the camera. Its all pretty confusing... :?


17-02-2009 10:25:59

I'm not sure if it is the same thing that happened to me but when I grabbed Caelum and compiled I had a similar issue with dark clipping...

Not paying attention to the config screen, I didn't notice that the config file that comes with is defaulted to OpenGL.
Check to make sure it isn't that? (Though that in itself wouldn't alter sizing of objects, but may solve an issue with the graphical aspect?)


17-02-2009 13:27:18

Thanks for the tip, Sovaka. I'm in Linux so OpenGL is the only alternative to me.

I just updated both Ogre and Caleum svn and still have the same problems (trunk as well as branches/Caleum-0.4/HDR)

Here is a screenshot. The terrain is hidden as soon as one can see the moon:[attachment=0]screenshot_1.jpg[/attachment]


17-02-2009 23:49:41

Not sure mate, that one is probably best answered by cdleonard.


20-02-2009 12:44:31

Please retry latest trunk; it might fix your issue. Apparently -posinv was a harmless error in older versions of ogre; it now botches the world view proj matrix. I removed all "compile_arguments -posinv" statements and it seems to work against Ogre trunk (without warnings). This issue does not affect Direct3D mode.


26-02-2009 19:15:15

I just tried latest Caleum svn and I can indeed report that both CaleumDemo and CaelumLab are again working as expected. :D