[SOLVED] Two viewports in Two render windows help!


07-03-2009 19:19:17


I have been playing around with Caelum for a few days and have been very impressed with how easy it to create some very nice environments :D.

However I am now trying to get Caelum to work in on dual screen setup (ie Two screens with a render window/viewport each). The first screen works fine, however on the second screen the clouds appear in fronts of all my objects.

Anyone got any ideas!??

Thanks in advance



It seems to mess up the whole render order in the second window. ie some of the other objects in my scene appear in front of everything instead of behind, They seem to be just the white objects!


07-03-2009 20:04:39


Sorry, this seems to be a problem with the new multi head patch in the Ogre Trunk with FSAA enabled and not Caelum.



11-03-2009 05:28:36

This is very interesting; could you post more information?

How exactly did the multi-head patch break Caelum with multiple viewport?


28-04-2009 17:13:41

Sorry, had not noticed that you had replied to this post!!

It was nothing to do with Caelum, I was just tired and stupid! The problem is caused when you have FSAA enabled when using multiple screens, it causes objects to be rendered in the wrong order ie some stuff that was behind a wall was renderered in front of the wall. The reason i thought it was caelum was because i only noticed it with the clouds to begin with when i was inside a building, but it is all objects not just caelum's objects.

The problem should now be fixed in the latest trunk although i have not tried it yet