Clouds not working with nearby far plane


12-03-2009 13:08:50


I am using Caelum 0.4.0, in its most standard form (straight copy from the base example).
I have a scene that is built to a small scale, so I set my near plane to 2.0 and my far plane to 1000. If I do this, clouds are not rendered. If I change my far plane to 10000, clouds are drawn properly. I tried messing around with the fade distances for the cloud layer, and with the mesh heigth and width, but can't seem to find a combination that works. Is this a known issue, and what can I do to tweak the layer settings (or whatever else) to get clouds to render properly with this far plane?

BTW, I just tested this in the demo app, and it behaves in the same way: set the near plane to 2.0 and the far plane to 1000.0 in CaelumDemo.h and clouds disappear.

Nils Desle


12-03-2009 18:57:47

It should be possible to scale the clouds to fit a "smaller world". Did you also set the height for the layer (above the ground?). I think it's something like 1000 by default :)

You might find CaelumLab useful; there are also sorts of sliders in there including layer height and near/far distances. Also; you can set most relevant options inside TestSkyScript.os without recompiling.


13-03-2009 08:49:45

Moving the layer height down to 450 and then tweaking the fade distances did the trick. Thanks!