Problems getting Caelum setup


01-04-2009 01:43:34

I am creating a game for my game design class that is due in two weeks. The class is just an intro the 3d game design and am just trying to get Caelum setup and working with default settings. I have been able to get it in the game but cannot seem to get it to the quality of the sample applications that come with Caelum. I have no idea how to get it to rotate the run around the world. All of the Caelum objects are stuck at the origin. I can increase the max range of the skydome but the sun still remains at the origin. Is there a simple way to get it working like it does in the demo? Here's an image of what happens when I load it up.

this is all of my code, however I do not even know where to start to get it working like the demo. Could anyone point me in the correct direction?
mCaelumSystem = new Caelum::CaelumSystem(root, mgr, Caelum::CaelumSystem::CAELUM_COMPONENTS_DEFAULT);

Thank you in advance!!


01-04-2009 07:52:44

You need to properly update caelum in order to make the domes follow the camera. Please read the discussion above the CaelumSystem class: ... l#_details

As long as you don't use compositors the listener solution is the easiest way to ensure updating.