snow color


23-04-2009 13:41:20

is there a way to change the snow color ?
it is grey and I would like it white


24-04-2009 01:09:05

Something like the following should work:

// Create bright white snow.
// Ordering is important; the first line would override the second if reversed.
mCaelumSystem->getPrecipitationController()->setColour(Ogre::ColourValue(1.5, 1.5, 1.5, 1));

That colour is multiplied with the standard "fog colour" as calculated by caelum; and that behaviour can't be disabled in any nice way. The reason that happens is so that precipitation will be darker at night; and that's generally the "right thing". If you want brighter snow the above code should work; but at midnight snow will still be a very dark grey (just slightly lighter).


24-04-2009 08:42:54

really thx