terrain cannot work correctly with CustomMaterial


21-07-2010 12:39:26

I use the alphaSplatTerrain material in the terrain config file with PCZSM. but it cannot work correctly.
And the same material i use in the other sceneManager it can work very well.
yet if i delete the vertexProgram it can work in the PCZSM. But it cannot do anything without vertexProgram. So i just shader it with one color.
so what's the problem? :x


21-07-2010 23:16:16

You should consider using the Terrain Component available in Ogre 1.7.1 with the PCZSM. The Terrain Component is much more flexible and you may not need to write shaders in order to get a nice result. Also the TerrainSceneManager has been removed in Ogre 1.8.

- Fish


23-07-2010 03:17:37

Thanks! I will try to use that.