PCZ SceneManager for Managed (MOGRE)


18-08-2013 18:17:43

Hello, i try access to plugin "PCZSceneManager" using Mogre

I used MOGRE 1.7.1 and 1.7.3 and even MogreBuilder for build Mogre from latest version, but neither of it has't classes of PCZ like "Portal", "PCZone" and other.

I never worked with it (PCZSceneManager) plugin. in c++(if i understand correctly) it plugin accesing by
#include "OgrePortalBase.h"(for example), but how access in Csharp.

Please say me how get access, or please give me link with example or tutorial.
Maybe i can especially build it using MogreBuilder, because i have source code of it plugin.

Thank you!

PS sorry for my english language