PCZSM Updates (12/19/08)


20-12-2008 05:47:47

I've just committed several changes to the HEAD revision in SVN:

* (12/19/08) Changed line endings to Windows CR/LF standard in OgreOctreeZone.cpp & OgreDefaultZone.cpp
* (12/19/08) Initial coding for anti-portals has started. It is not functional yet, so don't use it.
* (12/19/08) Portals no longer cross over other portals if they both lead to the same zone (this was put in to fix a rare bug
which was causing portals which were "close" to each other to cause inadvertent portal transfers.
* (12/16/08) PCZSceneNode::createChildSceneNode() no longer automatically anchors the new child node if the parent is anchored.
* (12/16/08) You can un-anchor PCZSceneNodes from Zones by calling PCZSceneNode::anchorToZone(0).
* (12/3/08) Moved this list of updates to it's own file (changelog.txt)
* (12/2/08) Numerous Optimizations (thanks Lf3thn4d)
- Update only nodes that moved
- Update only portals that moved
- Update nodes that are within interest of moving portals
- MAJOR CHANGE: Made portal a movable object so that it can track movement
- Optimized portal update code (Less useless check)
- Don't clear visiting node each frame but let updating nodes remove themselves from visiting zones File

Note that some of these changes may affect your code because they change the general behavior of PCZSM in subtle ways. So, be forewarned and look for anomalous behavior if you update to this version!


22-12-2008 14:17:02

Is it on v1-6 branch? Can we use it already? I am particularly interested portals as movable objects...

Thanks for this great work! I don't know what would be of my game without this scene manager...


23-12-2008 00:51:46

No, these changes are in HEAD (as noted above). Since I consider changing the Portals to MovableObjects to be a major change (as opposed to a simple optimization or bug fix), so it went into HEAD instead of 1.6 branch.