Error Compile


30-12-2008 20:19:43


I have try to compile Plugin_PCZSceneManager_vc8 with debug and release but I have This error:

c:\documents and settings\bureau\pczsm\src\ogrepczscenemanagerdll.cpp(46) : error C2665: 'operator new' : aucune des 5 surcharges n'a pu convertir tous les types d'arguments
c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\vc\include\crtdbg.h(1165): peut être 'void *operator new(size_t,int,const char *,int)'
c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 9.0\vc\include\xdebug(32): ou 'void *operator new(size_t,const std::_DebugHeapTag_t &,char *,int) throw(...)'
lors de la tentative de mise en correspondance de la liste des arguments '(size_t, const char [91], long, const char [21])'


Génération de code en cours...
Édition des liens en cours...
LINK : warning LNK4224: /OPT:NOWIN98 n'est plus pris en charge ; ignoré
Création de la bibliothèque ..\..\..\lib\Plugin_PCZSceneManager_vc8.lib et de l'objet ..\..\..\lib\Plugin_PCZSceneManager_vc8.exp
Incorporation du manifeste en cours...
Copying exe to samples bin directory ...
Le chemin d'accès spécifié est introuvable.
0 fichier(s) copié(s).
Project : error PRJ0019: Un outil a retourné un code d'erreur à partir de "Copying exe to samples bin directory ..."

Somebody can help me please?


04-01-2009 18:16:34

Hmm, not sure what's going on with your debug build - perhaps you need to do a "clean" and rebuild. It looks like something is a little screwy with the compiler..

Your release build seems to be working fine, but the error is coming from it trying to copy the executable to the samples common directory (where the samples usually run from). There might be a bug in the post build setup - check to see where it's trying to copy from and to.



05-01-2009 16:00:53

ok, I have look where this go out. I see it's go in sample/common/bin but It's not have this directory. So I have install PCZM in my Ogre sdk directory. Release compile fine.

But I don't find where is the dll. LOL

I have a other question, Can I use PCZ with other RenderSystem like Simple Pagined Terrain, SPLM or Myrddin Landscape Plugin?? Because I am concerned to the pagination...


05-01-2009 23:53:59

You cannot use a scenemanager with a scenemanager, so no.
You would have to rewrite it to be PCZ compatible, like Chaster did with Octree and Terrain.
However, you can use a terrain engine with PCZ, as long as it's not a scenemanager.
Examples are Simple Paged Terrain and Editable Terrain. AFAIK. :)


11-01-2009 17:38:01

ok thanks

so I cannot use Mrrdin with PCZ?

If I would like create underground tunnel, cave, subway station, PCZ it's better? because I can create portal?
I would like can make city, campaign, forest...

PCZ doesn't have a pagination system?
I'm not a very good programmer sorry for my all question. But I would like to begin some test.