Is there a way of rendering portal outlines in wireframe?


25-01-2009 07:47:04

Is there a debug rendering system in PCZSM? I tried calling "setShowPortals(true)" function but that didn't seem to do anything.
What I'd like to do is draw a wireframe around each portal, but I need to be able to see them no matter what zone I'm viewing from. Is there any way of making an object visible from all zones?


28-01-2009 02:50:08

i guess try to do it manually... get the vertices and render lines or something


06-02-2009 22:09:30

There is currently no debug drawing routine for portals. It should be relatively easy to add though as the portals just have a few defining points (4 in the case of quads, 2 for sphere and box portals).