PCZ SceneManager Tutorial - Step by Step Guide


28-01-2009 02:45:44

Hah, you wish!

Well, at least i wish...

Srsly there's no documentation about using the PCZSceneManager aside from Chaster's README which is relatively short, and the PCZTestApp which isnt exactly a tutorial...

Could someone write an explanatory tutorial on using it please? Would be of major help to many of us n00bs.


28-01-2009 08:36:52

PCZ Scene Manager is quite easy to understand. First you have to understand how portal works. Have a good read from here: http://www.flipcode.com/archives/Buildi ... tion.shtml

Once you can grasp the concept, it's just a matter of setting up zones, placing scene nodes with objects attached in zones. Then add two portal object in two scene nodes. Each facing the opposite of the other and points to the other's zone. The facing of the portal (normal) should be pointing towards the zone it is in.

That's pretty much it. To get anything viewing, camera must be tied to a node and placed in a zone. That's all there is to it. :)