Please fix the PCZTestApp


28-01-2009 10:09:14

The PCZTestApp that ships with MSVC 9.0 Shoggoth needs a little yet important fix;
Project properties > Debugging > "Command" and "Working directory" values aren't set. they should have what all other demo apps have;

Command: $(SolutionDir)Samples\Common\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\$(TargetFileName)
Working directory: $(SolutionDir)Samples\Common\bin\$(ConfigurationName)

Took me hours to figure this out... it can get on n00bs nerves because without fixing this it just wont work.


01-02-2009 11:08:10

I don't have this problem in the 1.6.1 source distribution with VC++ 2008 Express. However the project file for PCZTestApp is completely missing in the 1.6.1 SDK distribution.


01-02-2009 22:09:31

Looks like working directory isn't set for any of the test projects.
I've noticed this strange "vanishing" of this path from settings with my own projects (specifically when moving to another PC). Looks like they keep it in <project name>.vcproj.<PC name>.<user name>.user file, which is PC specific + user specific


05-02-2009 15:01:30

Yeah, I noticed this too (and it's annoying). VC2008 doesn't seem to keep these in the standard settings, but rather in a user-specific setting file (using the machine name). Sucks. I fixed it several times and thought I had sent it to SVN only to find that re-downing the file resulted in no change... You just have to go in there and set the working directory yourself... MS should make this something that can be universally set for those of us who use version control software... (which should be EVERYONE)...