PCZ with PagedGeometry crash


24-02-2009 16:57:40

PCZ seems to crash when used with PagedGeometry.

I'm not sure how I can debug this since I'm including the PCZ dll and PagedGeometry dll in my project, I don't have access to debug the .cpp.
The call stack doesn't give me much details either other then PCZSceneManager_d.dll crashed after being called from ImpostorTexture::renderTextures from PagedGeometry.

Anyone has an idea as to why it's crashing?
If not, how could I debug this? Can I tell Visual Studio where the PCZ and PagedGeometry sources are so that I can naviguate into them when debugging?

Thank you,



24-02-2009 17:25:12

I just found the following thread on the PagedGeometry forum : viewtopic.php?f=14&t=8776&start=0

It doesn't supply a working fix though so if anyone has a fix let me know.




11-03-2009 04:48:20

I used Paged Geometry in my project (which is based on PCZSM), and it works. However, I had to render the impostor textures using the demo app (changing the meshes to suit) and then use those textures in my app.