PCZSM Updates (03/17/2009) - ANTIPORTALS!


17-03-2009 23:51:38

Hey everyone

I just committed Lf3thn4d's patch for antiportal support to PCZSM (and the PCZTestApp). I tried to test as thoroughly as I could, but there may be some bugs that slipped through. Note that the antiportals only prevent scene traversal through portals that are obscured, not objects in the same zone. It should be possible to improve these antiportals in the future so that they are object occluders as well, but for now, it's just portal occlusion.




18-03-2009 00:50:04


nice update, just by looking at changelog - it was a lot of work!!! but - hmm, seems like 4 files are missing from 8401 commit that are in 2574098 patch - OgrePortalBase.[h,cpp] and OgreAntiPorta.[h,cpp] ? :)... anyway I took those from .zip, added to CMakeLists.txt and checking if it works :)


edit: yup - only those 4 files and cmake add for them was missing, tested and works - even Test App really works faster btw, great work on this plugin! :D


18-03-2009 03:35:52

Doh! I forgot to add those files. Sorry everyone. I'll add them tomorrow morning (they are on my work computer, not this one).



18-03-2009 06:53:13

Yay! \ :D /

Now I can focus on adding zone <-> zone filtering and some code tidying clean ups.


01-05-2009 14:46:35

Any timetable on this zone filtering?
Will it be api breaking?


03-05-2009 10:26:32

There's currently no plan on when I will work on it yet. I'm currently very busy with my networking code. In theory, this feature shouldn't break any api. It should only add more api methods and should not break anybody's code or change any behavior if one doesn't use it. :)


03-05-2009 10:37:27

Good to know - I can add it to oge without worries :)

Btw is there any PCZSM level editor ?


03-05-2009 11:04:33

No probs :) There's no intention of any PCZSM level editor as I know of yet. There isn't even a file format to begin with. Users are encouraged to build around it for their own usage as most of the time, they would have their own level format for their specific app anyways. So, no, don't think there will ever be an editor. :P