PCZSceneManager plugin


13-07-2008 03:17:47

Hi all.

I have been trying to play around with the portal connected zone scene manager plugin with python-ogre 1.2rc2 with no success. I create the scene manager successfully with:

self.sceneManager = self.root.createSceneManager( "PCZSceneManager", "PCZSceneManager" )

However, when trying to call self.sceneManager.init( zoneTypeName ), I get an error saying:

AttributeError: 'SceneManager' object has no attribute 'init'

which is technically correct as PCZSceneManager extends ogre.sceneManager by adding new methods that SceneManager doesn't know about.

Has anyone got this working?

Is there an issue with wrapping scene manager plugins and then accessing their methods?



05-08-2008 08:30:14

This is now completed and is in the SVN....

It will be in the next RC release..