Quick questions...


03-06-2009 02:08:20

So I love how this library actually compiled. Yeah. Let me just soak that in.

Anyways! When I tried tutorial number 2. The actual test of coding. I get 109 linker error's in debug, and 0 in release. So I'm not complaining to much, but what do you think happened in between there?

Question number 2. In the same tutorial it calls for the mesh cube.1m.mesh. Which doesn't exist in my Ogre SDK media folders.


03-06-2009 09:46:58

1. Well then you probably linked something wrong (or not at all). If you are in the Debug settings of your project, make sure that you really inserted the LIBs in the linker settings.

2. Well, you can just take any Ogre mesh. As you can guess from the filename it's a cube with the size of 1m (= 1 unit in Blender) in this case.

This particular cube comes with BloodyCake (link is in one of the static threads here). You can take it from there for testing purposes, but only for that. Otherwise you need the permission of betajaen (and I guess then you can also quickly do it yourself; a cube in Blender isn't that hard ;) ).


03-06-2009 23:23:47

Okies I'll check it out! Thanks.

The cube didn't matter that much to me really, just the one that comes with ogre is gigantic. But I don't really like blender, maybe I'll have to get used to it since it is free and looks so damn good.


04-06-2009 00:37:44

Well, not sure about the measurement in Ogre, but I think there everything is 10 times bigger there (not sure though).

Concerning Blender: It honestly takes some hours to get used to it, but once you got the hang out of it, it's really great (and not only because it is free). I personally really enjoyed the tutorials from http://blenderunderground.com. They definetly helped me getting started with it.


04-06-2009 08:01:22

The sample models are a lot bigger. There sample cube is about 100m big, and the ogre-head is the size of a skyscraper.

But the scale is just the same.


04-06-2009 09:47:14

Did the great betajeen just talk to me!? ha ha.

Yeah I noticed when I removed that .1m part of the file name and ran the demo. It ran fine but I was wondering why everything was gray. Then I backed the camera out about a mile and figured it out.