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11-12-2010 09:55:07

Welcome to NxOgre!!

Topics that may interest you:

  1. What is exactly this NxOgre thing anyway?[/*:m]
  2. I have a bunch of small common questions that could be answered by reading the FAQ[/*:m]
  3. How do I install PhysX?[/*:m]
  4. What version should I use?[/*:m]
  5. How do I get and compile NxOgre?[/*:m]
  6. How do I get NxOgre to work with Ogre?[/*:m]
  7. Are there a bunch of tutorials based of the PhysX lessons, written just for me?[/*:m]
  8. What things do I have to add to my project settings in my application?[/*:m]
  9. How do I use Flour?[/*:m]
  10. What does [i]xxx[/i] mean?[/*:m]
  11. Is there some sort of wiki, that I can read?[/*:m]
  12. I think I found a bug[/*:m][/list:u]

    Common forum posts

    1. Detritus release thread and blog (Current branch)[/*:m]
    2. Buggy Swires blog (Development branch)[/*:m]
    3. Flour 0.4 release thread[/*:m]
    4. Tutorials release thread[/*:m][/list:u]

      Common links

      1. Github Page[/*:m]
      2. + 1.5.x Bloody Mess Branch (Retired)[/*:m]
      3. + 1.6.x Detritus Branch (Current) -- (zip) | (tar.gz)[/*:m]
      4. + 1.7.x Buggy Swires Branch (Development) -- (zip) | (tar.gz)[/*:m][/list:u]

        1. Github Page[/*:m]
        2. + 1.6.x Detritus Branch (Current) -- (zip) | (tar.gz)[/*:m]
        3. + 1.7.x Buggy Swires Branch (Development) -- (zip) | (tar.gz)[/*:m][/list:u]

          NxOgre Tutorials
          1. Github Page[/*:m]
          2. Documentation and tutorials[/*:m]
          3. + 1.6.x Detritus Branch (Current) -- (zip) | (tar.gz)[/*:m]
          4. + 1.7.x Buggy Swires Branch (Development) -- (zip) | (tar.gz)[/*:m][/list:u]

            1. [b]Compiled executable[/b] Uses: PhysX 2.8.4, NxOgre 1.7.0 (included), compiled in Visual Studio 2010[/*:m]
            2. [b]Converter for Ogre .mesh.xml into flower files[/b][/*:m]
            3. Documentation[/*:m]
            4. Github Page[/*:m]
            5. + 1.6.x Detritus Branch (Current) -- (zip) | (tar.gz)[/*:m][/list:u]


11-12-2010 09:55:14

Greetings fellow adventurer! How skilled are you with NxOgre?

Newbie -- I've never even used a Physics Engine before! I'm scared :(

First, Welcome to NxOgre.

For you on this fine morning, I suggest you use NxOgre 1.6.x aka "Detritus". It is the latest state of the art implementation of NxOgre. It is the pinnacle of five long years of Betajaen's hard graft at writing a PhysX wrapper for Ogre. You will also need "Critter", a binding to allow NxOgre to work with Ogre.

As your new you may want to have a look at my NxOgre Tutorials, they are a reimaging of the PhysX lessons (which are given with the PhysX SDK); Instead of looking at PhysX code - your working with NxOgre code. All of the literature and theory still applies but the code looks slightly different. You may want to have a look at Spacegaier's tutorials on the Ogre Wiki, although they do deal with an older version of NxOgre (1.5 - Bloody Mess), much of it still applies.


- NxOgre 1.6.x -- Detritus (zip)
- Critter for use with Detritus (zip)
- NxOgre Tutorials, for reading with the PhysX Lessons. Uses Ogre's SampleFramework
- Flour - Tool for converting meshes into PhysX ones
- Just for you, a handwritten guide to NxOgre by Spacegaier
- The NxOgre Ogre Wiki Portal page

Skilled -- I've used NxOgre for a while now. I'm know the quirks.

Welcome back my man! Have a look at the latest commit at GitHub in the Detritus branch. It's based of the 1.6.x code, so it's stable. Betajaen only maintains this branch, but many bright and wonderful users have now and again submitted some bug fixes.

- NxOgre 1.6.x -- Detritus (zip)
- Github page for Detritus
- Critter for use with Detritus (zip)
- Latest version of Flour

Awesome -- I'm so awesome, that I know the names of Betajaen's cats!

They are called Coco and Ping. NxOgre 1.7.x "Buggy Swires" is the one you should use. The API interface changes weekly and sometimes daily, but Betajaen won't be a heartless bastard and break your app, the commit will never be incomplete but is briefly tested. Buggy Swires will replace Detritus sometime in the future, once it's mature - like cheese.

- Latest Buggy Swires commit
- Latest Critter commit
- Tutorials for Buggy Swires
- Blog post for Buggy Swires


11-12-2010 09:58:12

Submitting Bugs to our tracker

Does your cat bark like a dog?
Does your fridge act like a microwave?
....Then Most likely NxOgre has a bug.


Please post any bug reports or issues to the GitHub NxOgre tracking page for Detritus or BuggySwires versions ONLY.


How should you post an issue

1. Make sure your application isn't the problem and that you have correctly installed PhysX (The SDK and Runtimes), Ogre and NxOgre properly.
2. If your using an old version - UPGRADE!
3. First check to see if your problem has already been posted on GitHub page. If so, no need to create another issue.
4. Make sure you note down versions of software you are using; PhysX runtimes, SDK, Ogre and NxOgre (including the Branch name "BloodyMess"/"Detritus"/BuggySwires,etc. AND the build name "Traumatic"/"Fireman",et.)
5. Describe the problem briefly and well - I don't need to know why your cat caused NxOgre to crash, but I would like the related code that your cat wrote to make NxOgre crashed.
6. Stack traces would be awesome and finding the related line in NxOgre causing the crash - would make my job much easier.
6. Don't post problems about Critter, Flour or the NxOgre tutorials in there, use these forums for that.