Fastest, good way building overlaymenu for element options??


15-05-2009 08:37:02

Hy guys out there,

who has experience with building overlay menus editing accessing
varaibles in code...
I'm beginning to build a physics simulation application - as real as possible :)

-- ohh - I came that far to shoot boxes --- like in the sample :roll:
after porting the code to vb i can speak :o

on spacekey i'll shoot some geometry from the cam, so next step:
in a menu you should first be able to select a geometry type,
ists moving speed form the cam, rotation, size, global values ...things like that

overlayscript doesn't work here, or does it ?
are there code-examples to learn from out there ?
or do i have to use another .net gui api for mogre to be faster/better ...



15-05-2009 08:51:57


I succesfully use WPF: :mrgreen:


15-05-2009 09:11:33

mhh, ok but in my eyes i'll be better be inside the engine
it'll be more code, and don't know how to use the mouse,yet ...
but better imo

there are a lot of gui systems out there...
which one is suitable, good, the best :D

see: at end of page
# MogreBetaGUI (another GUI system for Mogre)
# Mogre CEGUI (another GUI system for Mogre)
# Miyagi (another GUI system for Mogre)
# Overlays (the basic 2D elements in Ogre)


15-05-2009 15:13:25

I like Miyagi, simple enough, but has the controls needed to do what you want.