Additional samples


27-05-2009 02:17:33

While testing 1.6.2, I've ported some of the missing samples from Ogre.
Nothing spectacular, but maybe someone finds it useful:


The zip file contains:
The new solution file,
BezierPatch, Lighting, ParticleFX, RenderToTexture, SkyBox, SkyDome, SkyPlane, Smoke, Terrain
and an updated ExampleApplication

Unpack it into the SDK folder, so it overrides the existing files.

You probably need the media files from here.


10-06-2009 22:05:31

it would have been better for mogre creators to stick as close as posible to original ogre naming convensions which imo would both help port the samples and provide an easyer way to swith to a different dotnet wrapper when needed. Making mogre unique/stand out doesn't help.


11-06-2009 06:40:58

I like the fact Mogre uses c# naming conventions. It's ogredotnet that needs to come to the c# standard.
Thanks for this smiley. Some of Ogre's demos is what brought me to Mogre and i was dissapointed Mogre didn't have them.


11-06-2009 18:08:33

I agree it's correct mogre uses the naming conventions it does. it's not just c# it's as well that they are expected to be that way


14-06-2009 12:57:50

to stick as close as posible to original ogre naming convensions
SCREAMING_CONSTANTS are already worse enough, and you want lower-cased methods and get/set instead of properies?
Where is the puking smiley? We need a puking smiley!


18-06-2009 20:25:14

Hi smiley80, wow, thanks. I just wonder if you know anyone has ported the FacialAnimation example to MORGRe.

I have been looking for examples on how to do vertex animation using Morgre. Have been searching like crazy, no luck. Anyone who could give me a first step to do further searching. Tutorial would certaintly help. Though I doubt as the exsiting ones are mosting Skeletal animation.
I found a link to a PDF describing Pose animation using Dragon exporting from Blender back in 2007. THe link is dead.

Any one?



18-06-2009 21:10:14

I haven't ported the samples which use CEGUI, and unfortunately FacialAnimation is one of them.

The Python exporter for Blender has the ability to export pose animations (shape keys of a mesh).
Haven't use anything but skeletal animation so far, so I don't know if their usage is different in Ogre.


09-12-2009 14:32:05

Nice smiley80, thank you very much! These are very suitable for the new MOGRE SDK 1.6.4. :)
If you want to join the MOGRE SDK project, just PM me!


09-12-2009 19:51:55

yes - smiley80 is one of our top Mogre user :D
Thanks for all your work and code!