Moving out to Ogre 1.7.0^


03-06-2009 22:35:50

Hi Bekas,would you be able to create a wrapper for the latest Ogre version?

And maybe OgreCEGUIRenderer.dll,would be very nice have managed CEGUIRenderer



14-06-2009 04:18:18

I didn't see news about 1.7.
Maybe there this is in SVN, but I would wait until it's officially released (because of further changes, bugs etc.).
Also we should make more tests with Mogre 1.6.2 to find problems. To get a stable wrapper for the current stable Ogre version is a better focus I think.

Maybe Bekas will describe the wrapping process and some helpful information. (yes, he promised)
Then you possibly can try to update it yourself.
It would be good if somebody else could do it, too.