Mogre custom Resource is it possible ??


15-06-2009 20:51:47

Is it possible to make custom resource, (sound to be more specific) and use Ogre File System for my own data.
This article show how to do it, but since it needs inheritance of Ogre::Resource and Ogre::ResourceManager i'm posting this question.


15-06-2009 21:50:14

Ogre 'loads' all files from the resource paths, no matter whether a resource is defined for them.
For instance, this should write the fullpath of all wave files found in the default resource group to the console:

FileInfoListPtr fiptr = ResourceGroupManager.Singleton.FindResourceFileInfo(ResourceGroupManager.DEFAULT_RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME, "*.wav");
for (int i = 0; i < fiptr.Count; i++)
FileInfo_NativePtr fi = fiptr[i];
if (fi.archive.Type.Contains("FileSystem"))
Console.WriteLine(Path.Combine(fi.archive.Name, fi.filename));

Resource and ResourceManager are handy if you want to process the files automatically when they are loaded.