Newbie Setup Question


19-06-2009 16:55:13

Hey all,

Totally new to this, just installing and setting up the samples. I installed the 1.4 SDK but noticed the 1.6 version was released and have downloaded and copied those files in to replace what was in MogreSDK. I am trying to run a sample application, just anything really, and it keeps throwing errors in my face (grrr!)

First it was something to do with dlls, an error message which popped up from example application after compiling.
Atm just trying to run a simple windows application and it says it cannot find the namespace 'OgreWindow'

Also it includes something called 'MogreFramework' which I cannot locate, and am also not sure the 1.6 version requires?

Halp! =(


19-06-2009 17:26:16

Start afresh.
Sloppy updates almost never work. :wink:
It's a major upgrade, so get rid of the previous version first, before installing the newest.


20-06-2009 09:34:01

1.6.2 is quite new for mogre, even though the engine itself has been out for months.

After you follow Jacmoe's advice you might want to confirm that the samples you're using are the ones ported to 1.6.2 by smiley80 (thread should be very close to this one on the boards as of this date).

You also might want to make sure you have the directx end-user runtime that the person who compiled the DLL used...I believe it was March 2009? Do a search for dxwebsetup and download it from msdn. It'll install all the updated directx runtimes.