Using MyGUI with Morge 1.4.8


28-06-2009 13:08:16

Hi guys,

is anyone of you using MyGUI for Mogre ?

I think it`s the best GUI Engine available for Mogre and therefore want to use it for my project. Up to yet i wasn`t able to set it up for my project and also on the MyGUI forums there was noone who could help me (posted at ... 433#p59936).

Here are the steps i`ve performed:
1. Downloaded Mogre SDK 1.4.8 and succesfully integrated into my project
2. Downloaded precompiled MyGUI realease from ...
3. Copied MyGUI.Managed_d.dll and MyGUI_d.dll to project output directory and added MyGUI.Managed_d.dll as reference to my project
4. Copied content from MyGUI_Media directory to \Resources\GUI\Core path (except all theme files such as core_black_blue.png and the associated .txt and .xml files)
5. Copied blue and orange theme to \Resources\GUI\Themes\Black and \Resources\GUI\Themes\Blue directorys
6. Added resource paths to MOGRE resources.cfg in output directory

If i call
in my code the debugger throws an exception that it couldn`t find the MyGUI assembly.

The file or assembly "MyGUI.Managed_d, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" was not found (HRESULT: 0x800736B1)
InnerException: System.COM.InteropException - The application could not be started because it`s configuration is not correct

I tried serveral things to get it running but it didn`t work. I would be very happy about help from people who already got Mogre and Managed MyGUI working !

I`m using Visual Studio 2008 Express SP2 C# and C++ Edition.

Thank you very much !



28-06-2009 22:16:47

Do you have the same issues with the release dlls (the ones without the '_d' suffix)?


29-06-2009 20:50:40


yep, have the same issues (FileNotFoundException with HRESULT 0x8007007e).

The strange thing: I`ve looked at the MyGui.Managed.dll with Dependency Walker and it reports that there are several dependencies missing.


I`ve installed VS C++ 2008 Express and VS C# 2008 Express, applied SP1 on both too. Also in my debug directories there are the required ogre/mogre dlls.

Thanks !


30-07-2009 18:21:13

I also used the precompiled binary, but I always get an exception claiming that MyGuiManaged is calling a function in unmanged code that does not exist. The dll is right next to MyGui.dll, Mogre.dll and what could be missing, then? I have to say I am using Mogre 1.6.2, but I would not assume that MyGui actually calls Mogre directly, or does it?