Height map collision


01-07-2009 06:43:29

This post I write in ogre forum and I dont have reply for it, it hope that I will have more luck in this forum.

I start using mogre before few days ago and I was interest to how create mesh that move throught heightmap ( terrain constructed by heightmap or scene develop by Ogitor ) and have informtaion on collision . For now I was lear how to load static and animated mesh, create scene and show mesh in win form. Before Ogre I was use XNA with JigLibX , I mention this beacouse I want to learn how to setup scene with terrain, meshes and physics.
I see that MOGRE use Newton physic .


One stupid question for the end is this ( http://ogreaddons.svn.sourceforge.net/v ... ewt/demos/ ) a good tutorial for start learning physic with mogre, and is there C# version ???


02-07-2009 02:19:59

Follow this tutorial here
It's for OgreDotNet, but translation should be fairly simple. Look under the Terrain Collision Detection section.


02-07-2009 05:47:52

:D Thanks !!!