MquickGUI Problem


24-07-2009 00:25:27

hi there i have been looking at the tutorials and i ahve come accross something..

MOgre VB.NET Intermediate Tutorial 3

"We will also assume you have downloaded and understand how to use MQuickGUI."

there is no downlaod for MQuickGUI and the link dont downlaod on the svn... i did manage to find a downlaod link on the wiki in a .tar but it has no texture files for MQuickGUI i see on the MQuick tutorial that you ahve to include to the resources..


but Ogre dont have skin/qgui in the sdk folder and i have 1.4.9 and 1.6.2 sdk

the only quickgui download with the textures in was quickgui_9_0_4 i renamed the folder to qgui and put it in the media folder in my project and added the line in the resources.cfg i still got the error so i looked and the textures are named different so i renamed the qgui.cursor to qgui.pointer and still getting the error so i spose my question is..

is there a download for the texture files for MQuickGUI so i can complete the tutorial?

or if this is not supported now what gui is supported or best to use?

thanks for your time